Clinical and Technical Education Resources

NEST360° Clinical and Technical Education (NEST-ED)  resources provide educational support for each of the technologies included in the NEST360° bundle for newborn care.

These materials are intended to be implemented with locally developed neonatal and technical trainings in the pre-service and in-service settings. Of note, these materials are not comprehensive clinical guidelines or targeted towards intensive care of the newborn, but are intended to support the implementation of comprehensive newborn care, including bubble CPAP, in a resource limited setting.

Clinical Modules

NEST-ED – Clinical Modules are provided for each of the technologies included in the NEST360° bundle for newborn care. They have been prepared to help healthcare staff and students understand when and how to use equipment that is essential to newborn care.


Modules may be used by teaching institutions to supplement current newborn care curricula or by hospitals, clinical departments, and individuals to update their knowledge and to better facilitate the effective and safe use of newborn care equipment.


Full Citation: NEST360°. Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies-Education – Clinical Modules. (June 2020). License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Individual Clinical Module Resource Downloads

Infection Prevention and Control

Respiratory Support

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Jaundice Management

Thermal Management


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NEST360° Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies

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