Our Goal

NEST360° is a multi-institutional partnership committed to reducing neonatal mortality in sub-Saharan African hospitals by 50 percent.

Every year, nearly 1 million newborns die in sub-Saharan Africa. Our approach to newborn care 
can prevent the majority.

Although most African mothers now deliver in hospitals, these hospitals often lack the lifesaving resources that have been available for more than 50 years in high-income countries. NEST360° will reduce the neonatal mortality rate by optimizing effective and affordable devices, training clinicians and biomedical engineers, developing locally-owned data to drive quality of care, and shaping a marketplace that connects device manufacturers with health systems. 

Our Approach

Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies (NEST360°) is a global consortium committed to ensuring that every hospital in Africa can deliver life-saving care for small and sick newborns. NEST360° is an evidence-based model for sustainable health systems change to close gaps in technology, markets, and human resources for implementation of quality hospital-based newborn care at national scale. 

Newborn wards in sub-Saharan Africa often lack the lifesaving technologies available in high-resource settings since the 1970s.


GAP 01/

A bundle of affordable technologies will keep babies warm, help them breath, treat jaundice, and control infections.


Technology alone is not enough when trained clinicians, maintenance technicians, and innovators are in short supply.

Human Resources

GAP 02/

NEST360° is educating technicians and clinicians, as well as local innovators
to introduce and create new technologies.


Health system managers lack data and finances to introduce and sustain quality programs that link measured outcomes to performance.


GAP 03/

Rigorous data collection and analysis will provide the information that donors and governments need to budget, improve policy, and implement.


Uncertain market size and high costs of distribution in Africa are significant barriers for manufacturers to overcome. Donated medical equipment, not designed for heat, humidity, and electrical surges, piles up in “equipment graveyards.”

Market Failure

GAP 04/

We develop business models and financing options for the sustainable distribution of essential medical equipment to public and private
hospitals in Africa.

Market Shaping


Consists of a multi-institutional and international team of engineers, doctors, and global health experts.

NEST360° TEAM includes members from 3rd Stone Design; APIN Public Health Initiatives; Center for Public Health and Development; Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology; Hatch Technologies; Ifakara Health Institute; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Malawi University of Science & Technology; Northwestern University; Oxford KEMRI-Wellcome Trust; Rice 360° Institute for Global Health; University of Lagos; University of Ibadan; University of Malawi, College of Medicine; and University of Malawi, The Malawi Polytechnic.

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