Intended use of this guidance is to aid clinicians and hospital staff to manage COVID-19 response efforts in newborn care units in sub-Saharan Africa. The guidance material includes a combination of NEST developed and compiled documents from various organizations and institutions.
It also links to further information developed by national bodies.

The compiled NEST COVID-19 Guidance document may be viewed as an interactive pdf and downloaded here.


Individual Resources in NEST COVID-19 Guidance

Priority Resources Relevant to
Low- and Mid-Income Countries

This packet contains resources for: PPE and Precautions, Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) and Breastfeeding, and Initial COVID-19 Screening for Pregnant Mothers.

General Information on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This packet contains visual guides that instruct methods of donning, doffing,
and levels of PPE for different areas and types of work.

Best Practices for Hand Washing

(Water and Sanitizer)

This packet contains visual guides that instruct proper hand washing methods,
with soap and water or sanitizer.

Professional Risk Exposure

This packet contains resources for: COVID-19 Patient Care, and Handling of Deceased Patients (COVID-19 Confirmed or Suspected).

Risk to Neonates and Infants

This packet contains resources for: General Information and Resources,
and Proposed District and Unit Management (Malawi Example).

Disinfection of Medical Equipment

This packet contains resources that list standard disinfection products for PPE
and medical equipment.

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