TMC News reports "A $68 million initiative nurtured at Rice aims to reduce newborn deaths"

Rice University bioengineers Maria Oden, Ph.D., and Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Ph.D. in Houston are among the scientists and researchers who have announced a global health initiative that aims to reduce newborn deaths in sub-Saharan Africa by 50 percent.

NEST 360° is an international collaboration between Rice University’s Rice 360° Institute for Global Health as well as numerous partners across the globe including the Malawi College of Medicine, the Malawi Polytechnic, and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The news, announced on Oct. 4, 2019 in London, is that the program has secured $68 million in funding for the first of two four-year phases. The first phase is focused on Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria. The second-phase resources will be directed to Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

The philanthropic support will allow NEST 360° teams to attack the problem broadly and systematically.

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